Siiri Kumari

A love story of Water and Earth

I love creative challenges and this commissioned work from summer 2019 is probably something I’m most proud of. Photographing actors is fun - they wanted something truly extraordinary and different and not just another series of pretty pictures.

We threw a lot of ideas on the table but nothing seemed to really spark the fire until one of us half-jokingly suggested that Kristjan could be a mermaid (merman?). And that was it. Sadly, Kristjan did not end up as a mermaid, simply because his legs were too long for the tail. However it all worked out even better than I had imagined.

I styled both of their outfits with random props found from theatre costume rentals, Tuuli made a mossy crown for Kristjan and we picked a summer afternoon in the hopes that it would be sunny and warm. It was not warm at all and Maris was shivering most of the time. But this is Estonia and our summers tend to be like that. However all the shivers were completely worth it ♥️

Models: Kristjan Lüüs & Maris Lüüs
MUAH & Water crown: Maret Ubaleht
Earth crown: Tuuli Luiga

Location: Pikakari beach

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