Siiri Kumari

Adele & Markus

“Although we’ve been in love for centuries, we finally met each other in this life. After both being part of a film project, thanks to a warm summer day on 3rd of June we went to eat some ice cream. We sat on a stone by the seaside and made “jokes” about getting married. After 1,5 months we happily got engaged. Every morning we wake up, we keep falling in love again and again and again and again…” - A&M

“She is more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, hers and mine are the same.” - M

We had been planning this shoot with Adele and Markus for a while as Adele’s birthday was coming up. However, Markus wrote to me two weeks before that he wants to propose to her. For most people it would have been quite shocking but something inside me knew that it would be the right thing to do, and so we started planning.

Our initial idea was to shoot in Kakerdaja bog, but we wanted the proposal to be as private as possible and fortunately I knew another bog. We drove there with Markus in secret to decide the perfect location and how exactly to do it. I suggested we could place a bird’s nest on a tree and my florist friend Ahti was happy to give us a goose egg for hiding the ring inside. We also decorated a watchtower with flowers (thank you Marianne and Jaane for driving there at 5am just to set it all up!). 

Now all that is left is the actual proposal. Since it is Adele’s birthday, we bring cake and sparkling wine to “have a picnic”. The shoot itself is light and happy but as we get closer to the bird’s nest the anxiety inside me grows bigger and bigger. I’m sharing looks with Markus - so is this it? With an excuse of “going to pee” Markus grabs the goose egg from a portable fridge while I divert Adele’s attention with the cake and he goes to hide it in the nest. He comes back, we shoot some more portraits and move along.

“It’s a bird’s nest!!! Look, an ostrich egg in here!!! Why are you guys not surprised? What’s going on…?”

He holds her so tightly, in a hug that feels like eternity.

Tears are flowing from her eyes, I’m surprised by how much my whole being is shaking, the air is vibrating from all the love that is around them. It truly feels like two very old souls have finally met. It is so powerful, overwhelming even, like lighting and fire and ocean waves all at the same time. I can only think of how lucky I am to be here to capture this. She says yes and they cover each other’s faces with tiny kisses.

Markus & Adele (future Robam family!)

Photography Siiri Kumari
MUAH Maret Ubaleht
Styling Adele Thele Kuusk
Ring Eliise Maar
Floristry Ahti Lyra / Masha
Set design help Marianne Ubaleht & Jaane Tomps

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