Siiri Kumari


Iiris wrote to me earlier in February ‘15 and we did a shoot in the studio, and although it was fun, it wasn’t quite it, and so we set up a new date in the summertime to see what we could create with nature around us. Maret did the makeup in her tiny wooden kitchen while we were all listening to her new song, Iridescent Love, which was still unreleased back then, and at that very moment I knew exactly what kind of photos I wanted to shoot.

I wanted the shoot to be fun and colourful, and as we were thinking of possible props, she brought out two prism necklaces that performed absolutely magical when placed in front of the lens, adding a spectacular glow to the pictures. It’s amazing how much a tiny piece of glass can change the overall image…

Muse Iiris Vesik

MUAH Maret Ubaleht

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