Siiri Kumari

Kadri & Erik

When Kadri wrote to me the autumn before her wedding and mentioned she was going to have a steampunk-themed reception, I almost screamed. Dress by one of my favourite designers! Victorian accessories! TOP HATS! What’s there not to love about it?!

“We met 5 years ago at his band rehersal. We started talking and soon went to Viljandi Folk. The rest is history. He makes me laugh when I am mad. He pushes me to do things I am afraid of, but they actually benefit me. He makes me take risks. He makes me a better person. He completes me.
After all we have been through, all the good and not so good, I still would not imagine anyone but him by my side.” 

“She makes me realise, I am not alone in my worries and my joys. She makes me stride to be a better person and actually want to reach my potential and not give up.
Even though we may see some things differently, we complete each other, creating a beautiful harmony.

I am very, very, very grateful that you two chose me to photograph your most important day ❤

Photography Siiri Kumari

Second shooter Marianne Ubaleht

Video KEMA film

MUAH Maret Ubaleht

Dress Lee Reinula

Suit Tuxedo

Flowers Melandia Dream Gala

Wedding car

Cake Supertort

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