Siiri Kumari

Krista & Kalle

Bride’s dress & Groom’s clothes: Triinu Pungits 

MUAH: Piret Sootla 

Venue: Mi Sann Holiday House (Võrumaa, Estonia) 

Photographer’s assistant: Kudres Lääts  

The day started with a long photoshoot, and we were blessed with the warmest, nicest summer weather ever. Krista and Kalle wanted rather natural and unposed pictures, so I didn’t direct them much and just kept shooting while Kudres assisted with the smoke bombs.

The wedding itself was quite exceptional: all guests wore national folk costumes, the rings were handmade by the groom with animal symbols carved into them, their wedding car was a tractor and the ceremony was carried out by a witch :)

The party was held in a barn, and like a traditional Estonian wedding, the tables were full of drinks and good food, people played games and danced, and a folk music ensemble performed.

Just as the sun was setting, we ventured out for another short photoshoot to capture the last light of the day. The blossoming fireweed made everything even more magical…

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