Siiri Kumari

Maarja-Liisa & Triinu

Maarja-Liisa and Triinu have been friends for 18 years, lasting way more than an average marriage. They do all kinds of great things together. Since one of their favourite pastime activities is exploring and hiking around in bogs, our shooting location obviously had to be a bog as well. And as neither of them really qualifies as a “good girl”, we decided to go with a dark and witchy theme for the photos…

“I will follow you into the dark. There has always been something fascinating about the darkness. Maybe it’s seeing things as they truly are - raw and beautiful. We have always believed it’s the same with us. Our true colours start to shine in the most silent and loneliest places, showing what we really are - wild and innocent at the same time. But what you don’t know…there’s a little bit of devil in our angel eyes and if you look closely you can see it in these you-will-never-really-know-me smiles.” - M&T

Photography Siiri Kumari

MUAH Maret Ubaleht

Styling Adele Thele Kuusk

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