Siiri Kumari

Mick & Angeelia

“Two souls are sometimes created together and in love before they’re born.”
— F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Beautiful and Damned 

“The meeting of ours could be described as the awaited reunion of two souls on Earth - that were once created for One, recognizing each other from a sight. By mirroring one to another for the strength needed to gain together and exchanging one’s lessons as blessings.
The warmth raised as a fire from both chests and the surrounding got intensely powerful while our first hug for a goodbye.. from that day on it was inseparable. From that day on it only blooms…” - (M&A)

And so on one beautiful summer evening Maret painted their faces and we drove to Angeelia’s parents’ home where they have a magical forest in their backyard. The atmosphere was truly ethereal, the way the smoke played with the golden afternoon light created a whole different world for us to shoot in. 

We finished the evening with a trip to an empty beach where we just sat on the rocks and Mick played guitar, with waves echoing in the background…

Photography Siiri Kumari

MUAH Maret Ubaleht

Assistant Marleen Evisalu

Listen to their music: Mick - Angeelia

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