Siiri Kumari

Mirjam & Martin wedding in Kõltsu manor

“You are my dream, my jackpot, my Nat20. You’re the home of my heart where I always want to return to.” - Mirjam to Martin in her vows

I’ve always thought that you shouldn’t take your wedding too seriously. What happens when you mix fairytales, martens and 20-sided dice? You get a fun wedding. A very fun wedding.

I know Mirjam and Martin from over ten years ago when we were all very young and innocent and playing dungeons & dragons together. Now that we are no longer young and innocent, the jokes are dirtier and the games are different. 

But some things never change, and one of them is that when we all get together, there won’t be a dry eye in the house and someone is definitely facepalming. You guys are hilarious, and I hope we can laugh like that for the rest of our lives.

“As a famous alchemist has said: ‘Equivalent exchange - my life for yours’.” - Martin to Mirjam in his vows

Photography: Siiri Kumari 

Film: Awentus
Makeup & Hair: Maret Ubaleht
Venue: Kõltsu manor / Kõltsu mõis

Florals: ArtFlore

Wedding favors: Ohhsanugis
Cake: Suhkruingel
Rings: Front

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