Siiri Kumari


“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies / Aristoteles. It is the same with our music. Although our backgrounds in music are different, we form a whole – a single soul with its past and future. One cannot exist without the other. The creation of our togetherness is greater than us taken individually. Our first meeting was not planned and didn’t last more than three minutes, but it was enough for us to know that we had found the missing piece that completes our unity.” - K&K

Etnosfäär sent me this song in the beginning of summer and together we created this shoot for them. The month of June in the northern hemisphere is a magical time; the sun barely sets and every morning is full of silver light and fog. So I sent them to makeup at 1 AM and a few hours later we were already at the Viru bog, photographing their magical duo (a trio now by the time of writing this blog post!).

Client Etnosfäär (Kathi & Kaarel)

Photography Siiri Kumari

Styling Adele Thele Kuusk

MUAH Maret Ubaleht

Assistant Marleen Evisalu


I first met Kärolin during the warm summer of 2011 when I was just starting out with photography. I hitchhiked to her place in Hiiumaa and we drove around the island over two days, doing spontaneous photoshoots everywhere. Here you can see where it all started:

Now it felt right to see her again. Thanks to flying around the world so often, my Finnair account had gained enough flight miles for a free trip to Stockholm where she now lives, and after eating way too much amazing brunch and an inspiration trip to the local IKEA, we climbed up the hills in Nyckelviken and shot these images in the fading winter evening light.

Model Kärolin-Lii Kaljula
Dress Moeleid vintage

Maarja-Liisa & Triinu

Maarja-Liisa and Triinu have been friends for 18 years, lasting way more than an average marriage. They do all kinds of great things together. Since one of their favourite pastime activities is exploring and hiking around in bogs, our shooting location obviously had to be a bog as well. And as neither of them really qualifies as a “good girl”, we decided to go with a dark and witchy theme for the photos…

“I will follow you into the dark. There has always been something fascinating about the darkness. Maybe it’s seeing things as they truly are - raw and beautiful. We have always believed it’s the same with us. Our true colours start to shine in the most silent and loneliest places, showing what we really are - wild and innocent at the same time. But what you don’t know…there’s a little bit of devil in our angel eyes and if you look closely you can see it in these you-will-never-really-know-me smiles.” - M&T

Photography Siiri Kumari

MUAH Maret Ubaleht

Styling Adele Thele Kuusk

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