Siiri Kumari

Triin & Kristian

About a year ago I made a wish - I wanted to shoot a wedding in Muhu. I grew up there, spent a good chunk of my childhood between the junipers and stone fences, bicycling from one beach to another. It was my kingdom of magic, sunshine and impossible dreams.
Without even announcing the wish anywhere I ended up coming to Muhu twice this summer to shoot weddings. Here is one of them!

“Our story began 13 years ago. We met through mutual friends and after some time acquaintances became friends, but that friendship became something much more… 8 years ago in Muhu island Kris asked me if I could become his woman - back then it meant just the beginning of a relationship. But one night a few years later he proposed so spontaneously, that he wasn’t even expecting it! He had planned to propose during our upcoming holiday but the “right feeling” came during a party in the Old Town instead. 

We knew from the first moment that Muhu would be perfect for our wedding. We have a lot of fond memories with the island, plus the certain exotica that you can find nowhere else. However the wedding planning took much longer than expected and we are actually very happy about that! The dream of a huge wedding with 100 guests became a dream of a small and intimate gathering among our closest friends and family instead. The only thing that we didn’t change was the location. 

Five years after getting engaged we finally got it together and organized our dream wedding in Kristian’s family’s home in Muhu. We invited only 30 guests and agreed to have no stress or drama (although it didn’t go entirely stress-free!), we were just ourselves and did whatever felt suitable for us. And it feels like we chose the right path, as we couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day.” - Triin

Photograhy Siiri Kumari
Photographer’s assistant Birgit Krieger
Hair Evelin Mitt
Make-up Kertu Koert

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